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Classes at the pottery are very relaxed and everybody works at their own pace.

Just come along with some ideas of what you would like to do – Kate will guide, teach and inspire you! You may want to use a potter’s wheel, or build pieces using either mould, slab work or coil methods, which are completely different techniques, but again, Kate will show you how, over a cup of tea or coffee!

Prices are shown below, and you can find some of the most commonly asked questions on the FAQ page here, which should help you plan your pottery experience, or maybe a special birthday party or gift experience.


Course of 10 Classes  £160

Pay As You Go  £21 per class

Taster Lesson (2 hrs)  £30

Taster Session work will be glazed in white or clear glaze by Kate after bisque firing, followed by final firing. If clients wish to return to the pottery to complete their work with coloured glazes, the charge will be £20 per person.

Half Day Experience (3 hrs)  £60*

Full Day Experience (6 hrs)  £110*

NB: For both Full and Half Day Experiences the work will be bisque-fired, then Kate will glaze it with coloured glazes available to your choice – or clients may wish to return to the pottery to complete their work with coloured glazes, followed by a final firing

Children’s Parties  £40 deposit and then £12.50 per child

To find out how Children's Parties are structured, check out the FAQ page here.

Please note: Children's Parties are for a maximum of nine participants.  

For Parties, the work will be bisque-fired and then glazed by Kate using a clear glaze. 

*Price includes a choice of glazes.  Price includes clear glaze

“Kate’s teaching style is fab – there’s no pressure,  just a solid, informed introduction to the basics of pottery, leading to more complex disciplines like ‘slab’ work, or ‘throwing’ a pot on the wheel.

Best of all, there’s lots of laughs and great tea – sometimes even biscuits turn up!

Paul, Harpenden

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